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Mrs. Flowers Media

We represent holistic well-being facilitators to guide

Artists globally cross-pollinating our facilitator talent

across the creative industries.

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If you are a facilitator of holistic modalities wanting to become part of our roster reach out to us today.


We want to diversify our facilitator roster & so hearing about your traditions, training and intentions as a holistic, well-being facilitator is important to us to see if there is any alignment with our designed mission & approach.

We not only represent facilitators, but support their path and encourage them to build confidence in their unique voice,  service and expertise as the first agency to carve out a place for it in creative industries. 

We're also cultivating internal support for our facilitators through mentoring and resources that are supportive, nourishing and regenerative.


We would love to organise a discovery call today if you are part of an organisation that nurtures, represents Artists or develops work of Artists to share how our framework, facilitators and integrated agency service might support your well-being  &  creative process.

 For example, If you are a representative from an organisation working on sensitive themes in productions frequently with Artists in Film & TV, or regularly with Artists in music, or a talent agency or network/ cohort of creators, we'd love to hear from you.

We can share more about our framework approach and how we can support your particular Artist with a bespoke approach whilst also safeguard them with our risk-assessment process.

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