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C A R E 

Artist residency programme 

Creative. Autonomy.
Resilient. Expression

Brought to you by Mrs Flowers Media

Drawn from the inspiration of our mission of supporting artists in their well-being & creative process by providing well-being care and facilitation our residency is our new exciting offering.  We've created a programme inspired by our framework and our facilitators offerings and expertise and their themes of service.


We have curated this incubator programme and line-up with intention to provide a residency programme for independent artists with facilitation and creative process that  provides them with a new perspective on weaving facilitation into their personal, spiritual, emotional well-being to support their creative process.

Every Sunday

July 2nd -
August 20th

Rich Mix


Who is the residency programme for?


  • Emerging and established artists (aged 19-30) within areas of film, music, performance, visual art, spoken word and poetry.


  • We specifically welcome black, PoC or racialised artists (we represent facilitators of African, Indigenous and Asian heritage of cultures and traditions and so we celebrate artists of these cultures too)


  • We specifically welcome Queer Creators; trans and non-binary artists


  • These artists are looking for well-being facilitation & mentorship or they’re looking to enhance their creative process and are open to seeing how well-being modalities could offer this


  • These artists are individuals who want to utilise their creative process for experiences of healing and therapeutic resolution in areas of personal trauma or mental difficulties from experiences of past


  • The artists are looking to better understand their creative process and self-introspective evolution through means of a facilitator guiding and mentoring them both in their personal nuances and in their creative journey

  • The artists are open, curious and committed to new well-being practices informing their creative practice.

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Inspired by our framework

The residency programme has been developed  for artists to experience the work of the well-being facilitators we represent on our roster and is inspired by our 3-phase MFM framework.

The phases and the themes of the framework will inherently inspire the themes of the residency programmed workshops and weaved into themes and structure of group workshops.

There will be a nurturing and regenerative quality to the residency.


Consisting of:


- x7 group facilitated workshops on somatic and well-being  perspectives 

- A closing and opening evening workshop (where you can mingle with non-residency artists curious about well-being approaches)

- A dedicated bespoke match with a facilitator for 1-to-1 sessions.

- Creative space held and consultancy throughout 

(all in consideration of your wellbeing and nuance)

- A personal intention + evaluation plan that helps you document your journey and to integrate what you've journeyed with.

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Deadline for applications June 21st

Announcement of cohort June 26th

Programme cost £180 

(works out at £25 per day)

Apply here

We'll inform you whether we've selected you as an artist by June 26th so that you have enough time to prepare.

All information offered in your application will be confidential and not shared outside of the residency. 

The use of the form is to help us to curate a cohort and to help support you with the programme accurately based on your needs and creative background. 

For any questions you need answered before completing this form you can e-mail 

Angela Effanga, Development Executive

"Mrs Flowers Media are not just another well-being facilitator initiative but one able to look at a project from conception and identify ways certain subject matters can act as trigger points for the individuals involved with trained facilitators offering creative solutions to minimise

any disruption to mental health and creativity. "

For more information you can download our Artist Residency info pack 

or book a call with us below at our Calendly link.

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