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Drawing Devotion

A way of service held in the heart and grace of Rosie Footitt

Drawing Devotion is a particular philosophy, a way of being, listening, in devotion,

a presence with Artists to steward through transcended artistic miracles,


A facilitation approach in supporting artists find their chrysalis in service to the highest good, the art form as an act of devotion prayer,


a higher vibration and way of drawing out consciousness and  heaven on Earth through the everlasting, never ending art form of creation and genius. 


The facilitation service and stewardship is offered privately to all artists who interpret in their own way the thread of interconnection of all that is the supreme God and the unison of art and spirit, open to artists of a non-specific discipline / genre-less by our agency Founder Rosie Footitt.

If you're interested in learning more about the offerings of Drawing Devotion and how the 1-to-1 facilitation journey looks for artists to enhance your work as an artist and to learn how it integrates with creative process book your call when the time is right below. All beginnings begin with grace, in perfect timing. 

The journey begins in 2024. Begin the conversation now.


In 2024


“This world can erode,

strip away our foundation of self Love.

The act is gradual, can be inviting.

One day, you naturally feed yourself what feels good to your soul. Another day, you find yourself so far out to sea you cannot see your soul.

To be well is to choose continuous resistance to this subtle erosion. Persistent whole-keeping.

Many want to break you down, fraction you up.

Turn you into parts. Stay whole.

Surround yourself with wholeness and whole-keepers.

Make your freedom sing. You are everything.”
― Jaiya John 

Daughter Drink This Water:

A Book of Sacred Love


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on 2024 offerings

Rosie will welcome in artists into her incubator and

a selective amount of spaces for 1-to-1 client work.


Rosie Footitt is a Creative Strategist and Facilitator to Artists and Founder of MFM.


Rosie brings an intuitive approach to her work, working in response to the unique need of each artist she supports and channelling the messages of wisdom they need in order to progress through next cycles of inner work & re-birth.


She uses her intuition to see the best bespoke modality or wisdom message that can inform an artist's process.


Her journey into spirituality and consciousness began very young when Rosie experienced Epilepsy between the ages of 4-13 and after years of processing this, subsequently, she began her curiosity and questioning of consciousness and other realms of 'awareness' and from this, had a newfound attention to the collective and individual auric field.

This shift as a young child shaped Rosie with a deepened understanding of presence beyond suffering and human Ego and offered a deeper insight and attunement to the realms of consciousness and imagination.

Her professional journey into Eastern medicine and philosophy began as a Reiki practitioner and continued on within the research of Zen tradition at Zenways (Accredited by IMTA and recognised by the College of Mindful Clinicians, set up by Prof. Dr. Russell Razzaque) From deepening into the sentient, she believes we can all receive a higher understanding of our Art, life work and legacy. Regenerative principles form the core of her work alongside laws of feminine and cyclical creativity.


Her core rooted values are: simplicity, truth, regeneration and intuition.


Mantra: approach creative process with an awareness as though you know nothing.


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(free - 30 mins) 

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Drawing Devotion

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