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Agency + directory for  
global facilitators 

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An Agency
For Facilitators

An Agency representative of facilitators and working as a creative healing agency, a production resource, and a partner in shaping healing and conscious culture through compelling strategies, content, campaigns and experiences.

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MFM Studios
Our Production Studios

MFM studios is a premier, full-service photography and film studio.

We also cultivate projects birthed by our facilitator creator talent in partnership with our agency birthing them out into the world with the understanding that each creatively directed project has its own soul and imprint in culture and is representative of Mrs Flowers Media's vision, mission and soul.

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THE HIVE Events 

’THE HIVE’ events team offers

co-production services to create

one-off, unique healing events out of a

3-day weekend intensive structure.


The events are where conversations and

one-off unique healing-centred workshop experiences come together for our creative, film and entertainment partner organisations and individual clients worldwide.

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Our POLLEN global directory is our directory of global recommendations of facilitators we stand by and represent in our roster.


Our membership is our most comprehensive source of resources for women creators’ wellbeing, spirituality and mental health, through the lens of the divine feminine and specifically women-identifying creators.

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