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Be part of our facilitation movement 

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Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 21.36.23.png

Become a
MFM facilitator 

Are you a facilitator who has heard about the mission and approach of Mrs Flowers Media as a global agency and would love to know more about how we cross-pollinate with creative industries?

We'd love to connect with you to hear more about your service and training to see if there's a fit.


We care about ancient wisdom and stewardship:

and the preservation & regeneration of the lineages' wisdoms & origin cultures that

healing modalities have derived from.

Find support in
Facilitator community 
& our eco-system

Want to be able to experience a community of facilitators who share your expertise,  service and to come together across the world to support the creative industries?

We cultivate our global roster to work with Artists but also nurture them within an eco-system of other facilitators and mindful processes of regeneration that allow for wealth distribution to be a reclamation and regenerative, such as,

a % of our revenue offered to the BIPOC facilitators on our roster, in a vow of honour to the origin of cultures

 their service and healing modalities rooted from.

 Our community and indigenous spirit is inherent to our blueprint and a large part of the Founders' WHY and roots from witnessing the important legacy of ancient heritage our facilitators hold and the trust of preservation of this, in how they draw from it for their service and purpose,

to steward Artists through their process.

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Become a global

If you feel deeply connected to the mission

we are building, we'd love to know it.

We work with ambassadors to share MFM with their geographical or digital community about our mission as an agency - who we are and our service and how

we can support organisations that work with Artists  - these are those who understand the value of what we do and who want to share the word with the world. 

Coming up in 2023

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