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Mrs Flowers Media


A Monthly Membership

We offer exploration of variety in one place to feel into the waters of what holistic modalities

mean to you before committing.

4 Monthly micro-courses 

to experience so long as you are a member. 

Spiritual tools seeded within the landscape of conscientious storytelling for

global women creators. 


A global directory of facilitators to visit at

your own pace and at any time.

You can explore and discover your inner world and find out which approaches and beliefs resonate with your own truth.


What's included 

4 Micro-courses a month

Daily recommendations of healing facilitators

+ fortnightly topically themed events. 

Each member will have the option to explore all

4 micro-courses + pathways throughout the month.

Each pathway delves into the different themes of womanhood & spirituality.

As well as the 4 pathway themes we also have an overarching monthly theme for a monthly event.

We're deeply committed to cross-pollinating facilitators with worlds of creative and entertainment and so we'll partner with filmmaker communities regularly to promote our facilitators. 

You get access to these above events.


We regularly share new creations from projects seeded by our facilitators passing through our membership, network + directory for you to learn of.


How we differ

We are the go-to cross-pollinator of facilitators in service to creative + entertainment worlds.

We curate a well-rounded diverse selection of facilitators in our directory allowing beliefs and practices to co-exist to create open acceptance around contradiction and polarity in perspectives of spiritual wisdom in our media and membership.

This makes for inclusive and diverse consideration of what spirituality and inner-world discovery can be.

Women can try different facilitations + and teachings before journeying further.


For the woman creator... 

...Who has always felt gravitation to a soulful

spiritual community and doesn't want

to be tied by physical geographical location 

...Who is looking for an inclusive community prioritising the marginalised including BAME women communities + LGBTQ+  first and acknowledges the uniqueness of their experience of personal development and healing.

...Who Is starting off on a spiritual journey and wants access to like-minded women,  inspiration and a safe space to share their own wisdom.

... Who would like to learn tools and practices to integrate  into her creative and storytelling work.

... Who understands the power of a borderless community + international directory of healing facilitators from all over the world.

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