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Mrs. Flowers Media

Find the inner world of

that inspires others


Our membership + directory
might be for you if...

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...You are a creator in the creative industry longing for approaches that consider the wholeness of production and the safeguarding of the humans within it.

...You feel a gravitational pull to be inspired by content and community that supports inner world practice through the lens of wholeness - spirituality, wellbeing and

...You understand the ripple effect and power of a global community accessing wisdom, perspective and practice from international healers and guides 

...You’re looking to be inspired by expert facilitators who embrace you and elevate you through
sharing their wisdom and encouraging the practice of vulnerability.

...You're looking to access facilitators and connect to
creators who also understand
the need for
trauma-informed support and inspiration.

...You're starting on a spiritual journey or new to trying holistic healing + don't yet know what feels right to you and are looking to try out what works

...You're seeking to embody the clearest, most alive and empowered version of yourself as both a creator and spiritual human being.


"Mrs. Flowers media is THE hub of diversity, consciousness and healing that the world's been waiting for.

It's a privilege and an honor to be a part of a movement that champions sovereignty, informed support, and a

multi-dimensional flavor to growth."

Chrissy Marie
Mrs. Flowers Media facilitator


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"Thank you to Rosie and

Mrs Flowers Media for this deep

opportunity to share the wisdom.

What a gift it is now that we have these resources from Mrs Flowers Media to

re-enliven what was once forbidden and exiled.

We have the ability to reclaim that we rebuild this earth and paradigm.

We are the way-showers and are here to support as we first rise and support ourselves. Whatever work we do internally, ripples out."

Britt Guimond
Mrs. Flowers Media facilitator


"As a healer and facilitator I am excited by the prospect of an agency like Mrs Flowers Media. 

Over the last few years, the world at large has come face to face with their own internal realities more than ever before. I believe that we are living in immensely transformational times and the work that Mrs. Flowers Media is set to champion is the difference between ease and insight in the transition, or turmoil and difficulty.


To have a platform that avails transformative work to people on a large scale like this, and gives a platform to change-makers often accustomed to  solo-hustle and a lack of spotlight, is wonderful, necessary and a delight!"

Mrs. Flowers Media is what this world needs."

Yana Dzedze
Mrs. Flowers Media facilitator

What our facilitators say

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4 micro courses a month

Each micro-course is hosted by 4 global facilitators to offer a taster of their offerings.

We premiere 4 new micro-courses every new season.

This Season - June

Chrissy Marie is a trauma-informed Embodiment Practitioner
who comes alive helping heart-centred and ambitious humans slow down,
grow up their inner people-pleaser and prosper in their purpose work by
making Play and Simplicity a Priority.


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S P A C I O U S  With Chrissy Marie


In SPACIOUS you’ll receive the tools to teach your nervous system and inner child to feel safe and with more space,  to ask only the most powerful questions to discern if something should remain, to learn how to use the forgotten wisdom of PLAY and humour to turn inner clutter into clarity, to express your boundaries using empowered, value-centric language,

to clear brain fog and harmonise your body's energies through energy medicine 

to fill your space with only the things that invoke aliveness in you. 


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Sound And Pleasure With Holly Roxanne



A  journey to remember the songs of your seasons and the lost voice of the Feminine. 

We all carry the energetic imprint of a collective womb.

We all carry within us the collective voice of the feminine.

Because of the distortion of an old system, our voice & free-flowing truth can sometimes feel stuck or disconnected. Through an embodiment of our voice, power and expression we call on the guidance of our inner self and the wisdom women carry in our bones.

Holly Roxanne supports her clients and their expression to wildly free the soul song. Holly brings us deep into the body where we rouse our inner voice of our truest nature to connect to innate wisdom and intuition of our bodies and body of the collective.

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Sacred Womban With Britt Guimond

An intentional, seasonal journey into your cyclical, full-spectrum feminine as we embrace each phase of our womb cycle and the medicine it brings to our blessed womanhood.
Brittney is honoured to guide you in connecting to your wise, cyclical feminine. 

Britt Guimond is is an Embodied Feminine Mentor in service to Truth.
Her work restores the Sacred Feminine template by guiding women back to the deep body, shadow alchemy & sensitizing them to their own ‘inner gnosis’.


Reclaiming Sovereignty With Jasmine Hayden

Jasmine Hayden works to expand on critical exploration and liberated artistic expression with a focus on sustainability and holistic wellness as it relates to the intersectionality of systems of oppression.

A series on ancestral/intergenerational healing, ancient wisdom, and somatic expansion from the nervous system to the quantum realm.


This series will guide you through a journey of reclaiming your safety, power,

& energetic sovereignty in your empowered being through a blend of

breath-work, ​yoga, & embodiment. 

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4 Pathways to choose from

As a member, you have access to all 4 pathways.

We advise starting with the one you feel most resonance with intuitively. 

We also have pathway groups for you to connect to kindred souls moving through similar themes of experience.



LES FLEURS empowers and inspires BIPOC women creators and is cultivated in mind of these women with

micro-courses hosted by our facilitators who represent this experience.



RISING ROSE brings you embodiment exercises that activate your throat chakra, inner voice and communicative source of light to know and share your unique message with the world.

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BLOOM focuses on the womb energy and the feminine embodiment of cyclical nature with facilitators who place emphasis on this sacred space as a source of renewing energy, life force, and connection to spirit.



SEED is inspired by the power to unroot unconscious beliefs and bias, deprogramming and rerooting with positive

self-confidence + and beliefs with a focus on weeding out the hidden beliefs so you can thrive.

For £31 a month
A member + directory subscriber has access to:

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Resources for soulful curiosity, mental health betterment & deep dives with our facilitators.

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POLLEN: Our global directory of facilitators  to discover new facilitators 24/7

Facilitator recommendations
+ their wisdom as inspiration.
Be the first to hear about our cross-pollination partnerships and collaborations in the creative industry.

Access to our events 
+  pre-recorded video programmings

Mrs. Flowers Media

Follow on discount with the facilitators we promote to be used on their offerings

4  micro-courses hosted by 4 facilitators

featured in our global directory. 

These micro-courses are made up of: 

- 4 daily episodes with inspirational teachings and embodiment practices on various women's themes. 

- Journal prompts to accompany the daily episode.

- A discount follow-on code to work with the facilitator on their programs and offerings at a discounted rate.

- All 4 micro-courses offered to members are available all at once and can be experienced at your own pace,

whenever you wish and returned to as they are archived when a new season is added.

- So long as you are a member, you have access to any new micro-courses added and all of the archived


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Mrs. Flowers Media

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