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About us 


Mrs. Flowers Media is an agency + global directory representing holistic facilitators.

We are the go to for sensitive productions in film, TV and media industries looking for a facilitator

to safeguard crew and creators with sensitive stories that may re-trigger trauma.

Our intention is especially to support underrepresented creators to feel safe, secure and supported in their

creative process and in environments or on the set of productions that may be triggering.  

Our global directory is born to make the variety of our facilitators' expertise accessible and knowledgeable

to industries who wouldn't usually think to hire them for their productions or to support their teams.

In our service to the industry, we cross-pollinate creative media and entertainment industries with these various global holistic facilitators to integrate their practices to the act of safeguarding, healing and therapeutic support.

We do this through the safeguarding service, consultancy and casting special projects and cultivating our own productions Mrs. Flowers Media is born out of the UK but our facilitators are located globally.

Our Values (2).png

01. Universal impact

Our service impacts all involved.

Where there is healing,

there is a collective ripple.

Conscious support in production processes means impact and empowerment of the collective. (2).png (2).png

02. Peace

We know everyone's truth and lived experiences differ and this creates

the contrast in perspective.


With this in mind, we agree upon one constant...


We believe in facilitating peace first and putting peace of mind at the forefront of anything we do -  our productions and service in projects and productions and when selecting the facilitators we promote for our directory. (2).png

03 Cross-pollination

We look to support various creative industries by cross-pollinating our facilitators to the worlds of entertainment and creative.


We realise that sensitive,

human experience and trauma can always be

re-triggered and especially for those telling the stories we see and believe.

Our facilitators support creators, talent and actors in their most vulnerable moments. (2).png

05. Representation matters

Everyone deserves to have their experience not only seen and represented but met through

safe-guarding, space holding and authentically reflected experience.


We are sure to include facilitators from indigenous, BIPOC lived experiences and trauma facilitation unique to these communities.

06. Interconnected Community

We believe in the power of creators coming together with the way-showers (facilitators) in one place

in all our varied opposing beliefs.

We are stronger in our differences when connected in inner world experience  -

journeying to reveal our gifts, truths

and healing together. 

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